Mother’s Day Tech Gifts Mom Will Love

Mother’s Day is coming up. This year get your mother something she will really use and enjoy and not just another token gift. What moms really want this year is some of the best new tech gadgets and things that will make their hectic lives easier. So skip the flowers and this year get your mom a gift that she will use and enjoy all year like:

A New Tablet

iPads have become very affordable and they are great for moms. Older moms love iPads because they can use them to Facetime with their kids and grandkids. And the easy to use touchscreen technology and intuitive interface makes the iPad a great tablet for moms. If your mom has trouble holding anything too heavy go for an iPad mini instead. All the functionality of an iPad but in a smaller size that’s easier to hold.

If an iPad isn’t your thing the new Amazon Fire tablets are great tablets too. They’re very affordable and mom can load all Kindle books onto the tablet as well as watch her favorite shows and movies, surf the Web and stay up to date with everyone on social media. A new tablet is a fabulous Mother’s Day gift that will show mom you really love her and want to stay in touch.

A New Computer

The Microsoft Surface Book is at the higher end of the price scale but it’s one of the best hybrid computers on the market. Mom can use it like a laptop to work, run her small business, or keep track of the household finances. But it has a nice size detachable display that she can use like a tablet to read, watch videos, or surf social media. If a tablet isn’t quite enough upgrade to a Surface Book so she have the benefits of both a laptop and a tablet. Moms who run their own businesses will love the added functionality of the Surface Book so they can get done everything they need to do without having to switch between a computer and a tablet.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Bose noise canceling headphones are the top of the range when it comes to headphones. If mom needs a break from kids playing and other distractions these headphones will help her get a few minutes of peace and quiet. She can use them with a new tablet or a smartphone to get way from all the stresses and concerns of family life for a little bit. Every mother, especially those with small children or teenagers, would love to have these headphones.

Tile Digital Trackers

If your mom is constantly forgetting where she put her book, her iPhone, her keys or other items these Tile digital trackers are great to have. They are essentially GPS trackers that she can stick on items that she loses often. The tracker will send out an alert to help her find the items that she’s missing. If she’s not missing her smart phone she can trace the location of the items on a smart phone too. At about $30 each these trackers are a great gift if you want to pick something affordable that won’t break your budget but still get her something that she can really use.


Want to give mom a little spring in her step? Get her a Fitbit! Your mom might not appreciate getting a fitness tracker at first, but assure her that you got it just for the health benefits. Once she starts using it she’ll be thrilled at how many things she can track using it. Most people don’t realize how much they can use a fitness tracker until they actually start using one and see how much it can do. Once she realizes how great they are she will love her Fitbit gift.